Kleanz Glass Cleaner 650ML

Kleanz Glass Cleaner 650ML

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Glass Cleaner A long lasting and perfumed glass cleaner that quickly evaporates, leaving no stains or streaks. Contains no ammonia.

  منظّف الزجاج لنظافة تدوم، متوفّر بعطر منعش، خالي من الأمونيا، سريع التبخّر، لايترك أثراً

 General Characteristics:-

Kleanz Glass Cleaner is a clear, light blue, faintly perfumed liquid.  It is a very economical, ready to use glass cleaning liquid.


The specially formulated blend of Kleanz Glass Cleaner consists of powerful surfactants, alcohols and a pleasant perfume.  It does not contain ammonia.  Its quick cleaning action helps easy removal of dirt, grease and grime leaving a streak free surface in the most economical manner.

Area of Applications:

Kleanz Glass Cleaner is ideal for use in hotels, clubs, cafeterias, restaurants, food processing areas, hospitals, homes, workshops, service stations and industry.

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