Kleanz Liquid Bleach 1L

Kleanz Liquid Bleach 1L

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A powerful product for disinfection and whitening purposes.

 السائل المبيّض منتج فعّال، يستخدم للتعقيم والتبييض بشكل عام



Kleanz Liquid Bleach is a highly concentrated bleach, specially formulated for textiles and garments.


It is specially manufactured for bleaching of textiles and garments. It could also be used as a germicide and disinfectant in hotels, homes and hospitals.

Caution / Safety :

Wear rubber gloves and eye protection when handling undiluted Kleanz Liquid Bleach  In case of eye or skin contact, rinse with plenty of water.

Storage :

Product is unstable above 21 deg C. Store in a cool, dark, ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and heat.

Shelf Life :

12 months, if stored as per the storage conditions specified above.

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